Last Tuesday 9 August we assembled in Coolcotts to drive to Clongeen. We knew that our football team was decimated with holidays, absentees etc. Anyway we put up a good fight but we were outfoxed with the Clongeen lads who scored 1g and 3 points in the last 5 minutes, which won the game. Our lads and lassie, were heartbroken, they led all thro’ the match, anyway they will learn, it is only U12 not an All Ireland Final.

We also welcomed to Barry to the team as he had recovered with broken fingers recently. Ryan was captain fantastic again, Jody and the Kid is relishing her new position as wing back, Adam was brilliant as our full back, Taofik and James were our wing forwards, Jake scored a goal on his debut, full forward. Little Flash had his moments as did Darragh, Nicky and Clinton.

Our thanks to the lone parent who drove to the game with her daughter.

Our next match as a deviation, Wednesday 17 in Coolcotts at 7.30pm