This is a brief overview of the football skills we are aiming to develop in players who are in the under 10 age group.

Don’t worry if your child does not have all the skills listed below or finds some difficulty in executing the skills – that is normal – the focus should be on trying to encourage and practise the skills. Some of the skills take a required effort over time so continuous practise is needed. Your child will develop these skills but it takes the investment of time.

It is possible that an opposition team can be older and/or stronger and/or playing together for longer and be further along in their development – however the main focus for your child and for the team initially is always to develop the skills of the game – the physicality and team development skills take time and will happen.



Catching Hand passing Kicking Tackling Running Tactical
Body catchHand pass (x2)Punt kick  (x2)Near hand tackleWith bounce (x2)Basic principles of attacking and defending
Low catchFist pass (x2)Hook kick (x2)CheckingWith solo (x2)
Reach catchBlock downWith side step – evasion
Side to side chargeWith roll – evasion
Driving out – evasion
Moving to the ball