Our Academy is always open for new members, it caters for boys and girls aged 4-6 years every Tuesday from 6pm – 6.45pm. We offer training in a fun and safe environment for children.


The focus on all our underage teams is fun and inclusivity

The ABC/Have-a-Ball Programmes we run are a series of fun-based exercises to develop movement and motor skills for children aged 4 to 7 years old. These skills form the basis for the later development of the specific skills of Hurling and Gaelic Football. The level of competency with which one can perform these skills is referred to as their Level of Physical Literacy.

Fundamental Movement and Basic Motor Skills should be developed in the early years of physical development to provide the basis for all further movement and motor development. However, they should also be practised throughout the career development of a player, and are typically utilised as elements of warm-up activities for both developing and elite players.

The ABC element of the programme focuses on fundamental movement skills including Crawling, Rolling, Agility, Balance, Coordination, Running and Jumping skills. The Have-a-Ball element of the Programme focuses on basic motor skills including Throwing, Catching and Passing, Kicking and Striking skills on the player’s ability to play with and manipulate a ball.

Fundamental Movement

Fundamental Movement Skills from the ages of 4 – 8 year olds.

  1. Agility

  2. Balance

  3. Coordination

  4. Running

  5. Jumping


Have-a-Ball is a series of fun-based exercises that contribute to the development of rudimentary and fundamental movement skills among children aged 4-12 years.

This initiative is one of the activities of the GAA’s 5 Star Centre Initiative.

Fun Do Booklet

The GAA Fun Do Programme has been devised to ensure that all participants derive a sense of achievement in Gaelic Games which will underpin a lifelong involvement with the Association.  The GAA Fun Do Learning Pack is designed to assist parents, teachers and coaches to create the environment whereby people can ‘Play and Stay with the GAA’.

Tuesdays between 6pm – 7pm 

Na Fianna Clonard GAA Club, Coolcotts Lane, Wexford, Y35 CY68

Yes – just get in touch with the relevant mentor in advance to make sure that the Academy is on and that they’re aware that you’re coming along.

Your child must be a member of the club to join in – this is due to Covid-19 restrictions and requirements around contact tracing.

Membership can be bought here.

Track-suit and runners are fine initially. Football boots are better for grip in the colder months and it’s important to put plenty of layers, hats, gloves on the kids when it’s cold.

We insist that at least one parent or guardian stays around to keep an eye on their child as they are taking part in the Academy. They are very young and can become upset easily, often requiring a loved one’s comfort, and if they need to go to the bathroom they have to be accompanied by an adult and it isn’t practical for team mentors to accompany them.

Yes! We are always looking for new people to get involved as coaches. We provide all the support you will need to get you up and running even if you have never played a game of football or hurling before, as is the case for many of our coaches. Coaching your child’s team is a great way to bond and spend fun time with them. If coaching isn’t your thing though, there are plenty of other ways to get involved – get in touch if you can help out in any way.

Na Fianna – ”Band of Warriors” . They were small, semi-independent warrior bands in Irish mythology. They are featured in the stories of the Fenian Cycle, where they are led by Fionn mac Cumhaill (Finn MacCool).