Clonard 10s took on the Clongeen 10s in hurling on Friday down in Clongeen. This was a good workout for the blues in an 11 v 11 game. Josh played in goals and was very good with the puck outs and some really excellent displays. The defence was Cormac G, Shannon (carrying a knock), James and John. At times the defence was tenacious and determined in their play. Darragh and Rory played the middle of the field with some solid play. The forwards were Eoin, Adam, Kyle and Cillian. The forwards worked hard and kept the pressure on the Clongeen defence. While there is much work to do on the skills of the game examples of good play included a fine free from Rory, the determined ball winning by Adam and the right marking and defensive work of James. Next game is football vs St Mary’s in football. Clonard Abú.